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Chameleon Jazz Band performs at the MOM Cultural Center at 8 pm on 17 November 2016.

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In the past years Chameleon Jazz Band performed in about 50 european cities with more than 350 concerts. Many of their thematic nights have become popular recently, but the all night shows have brought them the real success. The unique funk-jazz-rock style and the atmosphere of their concerts are always set in a big stage performance and they prove every time that their name ‘Chameleon’ is not a coincidence. Aside from doing our big band shows, we have always put emphasis on engaging with our audience on much friendlier, more intimate platforms. The acoustic tour reaches back for this tradition with old hits, new songs and some fascinating stories. This time the Chameleon Jazz Band (led by trombonist Rezso Balint) will include guitar, percussion and, for special rarity, a tuba.

Tickets can be purchased online at website or in person at MOMkult (1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 18. – every day: 8.00-19.30) or tickets can also be purchased at Ticket offices.