Advent concert in Monor

Chameleon Jazz Band’s advent jazz concert not only with Christmas songs.

On 04 December both the young and the elderly are guaranteed to have a great time! The real best of repertoire will favour the jazz-rock classics but you will also be able to enjoy ballads and melodious jazz tunes! CJB and KultPince would like to recall theatmosphere a real American Christmas this way!

The concert starts at 7 p.m.
After the concert fresh food, drinks and the wine selection of KultPince will be available.

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KultPince – The place where culture and wine meet

KultPince was created with the full renovation and an extension of the largest cellars of Monor Wine Cellar Village; we wanted to make it – so to say – a home of the high-quality wines of Monor and Kunság and a popular place among the guests of the Wine Cellar Village.

KultPince, Monor
Strázsa-hegy, Kövidinka sor
N 47 fok 22,106′ E 19 fok 26,933′