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Before two special gig and the summer break wie have 2 Popcorn! shows. Oslo, Szeged! We are looking forward to seeing you at Herr Nilsen Jazz Club in Oslo, Norway and at Szeged Wein Festival in Hungary!

21 May 2019 – Oslo (No) – Herr Nilsen /// Start: 20:00
24 May 2019 – Szeged (H) –  Open Air Concert /// Start: 19:00

About Herr Nilsen:

Music pub with concerts every night and professional bartenders. Herr Nilsen offers a varied concert programme, and is one of the best places in Oslo for live jazz and blues. Tickets: 170 NOK. 

About Szeged Wine Festival:

During the ten days of the Wine Festival several tens of thousands taste the best wines of Hungary, enjoying a lively atmosphere with their friends or family. They can choose from red, white, rosé, champagne, fruit wine, taste a fiery, full-bodied cabernet or a light, fragrant hárslevelű (linden leaf) under the blooming linden trees. Clink glasses at the Szeged Wine Festival in mid-May!